Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Rotten violets on my Iphone case

Ok, not exactly, as I think those flowers are actually roses, but I love this print anyway. I just wanted to show you my new soft case for Iphone I got over a week ago. I bought it from GelaSkins and even if it was a bit pricey for the soft case (or actually a sticker to be more speciffic), I really wanted to have it as they made it from my own project (plus I have Iphone 3gs which is not very popular anymore as everyone has Iphone 4s at the moment, so it's not so easy to find a nice case for my model) . The quality is really good, so I can recommend Gelaskins for sure. My cover now matches my blog ;)


  1. So cool!!! Suits you well. :)



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